Project details:
Completed in 2019

Brik Oven’s founders have a rugged, essentialist approach to their work—their fresh, hand-made, wood-fired pizzas are the focus of their brand identity, with no frills or ornaments attached. We designed a modern, functional and brutalist space to reflect their brand value, and keep the focus on the pizza.  

Since the restaurant is a rented space within the Prestige Trade Tower complex, we were careful to avoid any fixed structural elements. We did our own unique take on the brand’s signature exposed brick design by stacking bricks on a metal frame set against a raw concrete wall. The frame extends up to the ceiling, where a pattern of wooden members selectively hides service elements. The metal frame can be unbolted and reused, offering the founders flexibility to alter the layout, or recreate the space should they choose to move locations.

The open kitchen reflects the founders’ dedication to no-frills cooking, and their desire to interact with their customers about the food they serve. The black granite countertop is easy to clean and blends seamlessly with the kitchen elements, while the ribbed wood base adds a layer of textural detailing that soothes the monolith. To promote interaction within the 11-ft height space, which would otherwise dissuade conversation across the counter, we placed a metal-framed planter shelf, at the base of which we arranged a row of custom-designed round light fixtures. We have also fitted track lighting in the space for a more industrial look, and flexible functionality. A section of planters softens the metal structure and brings a rustic hint of the outdoors into the visual frame.  

Custom-designed tables with grey tile tops serve as a break between the wooden pizza paddles and the wood floorings. The powder-coated MS table legs provide a strong base, and create a visual link with the metal wall frame.

We wanted the space to facilitate easy movement for the three types of clientele Brik Oven sees throughout the day. The concrete flooring denotes the area in which those waiting for their take-away parcels can stand; wood flooring represents the seating space for sit-down customers. The outdoor seating area, which is meant for customers who intend to spend more time at the restaurant, reverses the material palette we see indoors. Wooden tables balance out the concrete flooring, and are bordered by powder-coated MS planter shelves that create a barrier from the adjacent parking lot. With three essential materials and decisive repetition, we’ve attempted to create a dynamic yet consistent aesthetic throughout the space, which reflects Brik Oven’s earthy, rustic brand identityH